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Monday, January 21, 2019
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Prayer List

Calvary UMC Prayer List
Please keep the following in your prayers during their times of need.
Calvary United Methodist Church


Nursing Home:

Beulah Sigman

Paul Saunders

JoAnn Raines

Freda Reynolds

Brothers and Sisters at Home:

Betty Durst

Velma and Bill Harris

Lena Wolford


Prayer List:

Dorsel Adkins

Christine Barker - EJ and Mary's Daughter-in-Law

Cathy Baron

Chuck Bowling - Tina Cunningham's Father

Reba Burdette - Keith Burdette's Mother

Gary Carmean - Has Cancer - Carmean's Brother-in-law

Carol Carter - Friend of Pam Skotnicki

David Cartwright - Friend of Shirley Catalano

Perry Casto - Friend of Kay Carmean and Natalie Holcome

Larry Clevenger - Joanne Clevenger's Step-son

Cliff Coleman - Judy Lieving's Step Father

Mike Compton - John & Bev Hopkins' Friend

Gary Crigger

Carol Daniell

Lee Dohm - Friend of Shirley Catalano - Sister of Beth Guthrie

Travis Durst Family

Olive Gaskins - Ron Gaskins' Mother

Jami Greene - Friend of Joy Hicks

Beth Guthrie - Friend of Shirley Catalano

Keith Gutzman - Cousin of Leslie Boggess

GR & Heather Higginbotham - Missionaries to Uganda

Chuck Hill - Friend of Shirley Catalano - needs heart transplant

Mike Hill - Friend of Jim & Jeanne Hunter

Stephen Hopkins

Lanny Horn - Shirley Catalano's Cousin

Penny Huffman - Carlene Anderson's Mother

Bubby Hull - Cheryl Waybright Hull's friend

Cooper Jordan - Charles Bennett's GG Nephew

Phil Jude - Friend of Food Bank Family

Monnie Landis

Doris Mills Litton - Friend of Shirley Catalano

Austin Lowe - Virginia Rouse's Great Grandson

Anita Lyons - Shirley Catalano's Cousin

Leonard McCarty - Betty Casto's Brother

Mark McNew - Don and Ann McNew's Son

Faith & Mary Marsh

Carter Marte - Friend of Alison Poole

Mika Martin - Donna Keller's Daughter

Hunter Mathess - Dan and Julie Mathess' Son

Anthony Mitchell - Molly Bledsoe's Brother-in-law - Liver Cancer

David Merritt - Dwayne Merritt's Brother

Marsha Morton - Elizabeth Burdette's Mother

Helen Negrete - Sister of Bea Lowe

Ryan Nestor -Dick Waybright's Cousin

Eliza O'Neill - Vanessa's Great Niece

Kraig Pelkey - Brother-In-Law of Kevin and Carla Brown

Jim & Betty Reed - Susan Gaskins' Father & Stepmother

Freda Reynolds - Shirley Catalano's Aunt

Virginia Rouse

Paul Roush

Janai Rucker - Friend of Leslie Boggess

Charolette Saunders

Johnny Saunders - Paul & Charolette's Nephew

Keith Shatto

Mary Shatto

Kay Sigman - Ralph Sigman's Daughter-In-Law

Ralph Sigman

Jennifer Sisson - Steve Sisson's Cousin

Bill Smith - Nikki Hunter's Father

Chuck Smith - EJ Ulland's Friend

Joselyn Swain - Granddaughter of Charolette's Neighbor

Emery Thomas

Nancy Ullom- Jordan's Mother

Gayle Varney

Wilma Waybright - Dick Waybright's Step Mother

Suzie Wilson - Linda Waybright's Cousin and Husband

Remember Our Millitary Personnel In Your Prayers:

Casey Bennett - U.S.

Shawn Berry - Faye milhoan's Granddaughter's Husband - Germany

Garrett Boggess - U.S.

Andrew Chancey - Dolores Chancey's Grandson - U.S.

Rebecca Cozad - Randy Sovic's niece - Korea

Travis Cross - Darl Cross' Grandson - Korea in the DMZ

Allen Fish - U.S.

Robbie Hamilton - U.S.

Patrick Hartung - Tina Cunningham's Son - U.S.

Kevin Hazuka - Friend of Francis' Family - U.S.

Mathew Hill - U.S.

Alex Huffman - U.S.

Jasmyne Huffman - U.S.

Matt Isner - U.S.

Ryan Law - Ann Hartley's Brother - U.S.

Derek Summers- Middle East

Chris Tanksley - Judy Lieving's Niece's husband - U.S.

Nathan Tucker - United States Coast Guard Academy

Trevor Tucker - United States Navel Academy


We extend our Christian love and sympathy to the family and friends of:

 Helen Casto




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